Indian E-Commerce

17M Revenue in 1 Month: Facebook, TikTok & Google Ads

Unlocking revenue: Indian E-Commerce

Get ready to dive into an amazing success tale! We teamed up with an Indian eCommerce store and pulled off something truly extraordinary. By smartly using Facebook, Google, and TikTok Ads, we managed to achieve something incredible – a whopping 17 million in revenue in just one month. This isn’t just success; it’s proof that we know how to bring outstanding results even in the highly competitive world of Indian eCommerce.

The challenge

Our client, a big player in the Indian online shopping scene, had a tough job ahead. They not only wanted to be noticed online but also needed to compete with many others in a crowded market. Their goal was simple – they wanted to grow their revenue quickly and significantly. The challenge was no joke; it needed smart thinking to shine and succeed in a market that’s already pretty busy. In this situation, they reached out to us for our expertise in navigating the eCommerce landscape.

Crafting Success

To overcome this challenge, we came up with a smart plan that used the strengths of different platforms:

For Facebook, we aimed our ads at the right people with personalized messages and eye-catching designs, making people 30% more interested in what we had to say.

On Google, we made the most of people searching for things, using keywords that really mattered. This led to 25% more people clicking on our ads.

Then, there’s TikTok – a cool place to be! We jumped into TikTok to connect with younger folks, boosting our brand awareness by 20%.

Running this plan across all three platforms was a big success. We made sure our ads looked good, said the right things, and fit our budget. This helped us grab a 15% bigger slice of the market. And now, for the big reveal – the numbers! In just a month, we brought in a massive 17 million in revenue, giving our client’s online store a huge 40% boost in overall earnings. These numbers not only show how well our plan worked but also shout out that our client is now a big player in the business. These results tell a story of how our strategies can truly transform a business, a story that should make any business looking for great digital marketing results excited.

For Indian E-Commerce, we put together a robust digital strategy that includes:


Increase in Revenue


Revenue Generated


Increase in Mobile App Revenue

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